Leaders in dealership consulting. Creating dealership improvement plans that reflect the individual dealer, what that dealer wants to accomplish, and the legacy they would like to leave behind – servicing franchise and independent Automobile Dealers, Marine, Power Sport, RV, and Truck Markets.

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ProMark’s Guiding Principles


Maintain an uncommonly close relationship with our customers.


We hold ourselves personally accountable for the success of each and every one of our dealers.


Offer an unparalleled level of service by which other companies will be judged.


Understand that we work only for our dealers and recognize that their best interests are our only interests.


Control the many connections between our program partners & our dealers so that many connections appear as one.


Always do what we say we will do and make the trust of our customers the most valued asset of our business.


ProMark will provide you with an extensive study of your F&I operations and include our top 3 recommendations to improve your bottom line FREE of charge - Study includes up to one full day of in-dealership information gathering and interviews. - Study includes an examination of your current reinsurance portfolio to report on its effectiveness and provide risk management recommendations.

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If we don’t improve your PVR by at least $200 in the 1st 120 days, should you desire, we will help you move your business to another provider and terminate our relationship with us no questions asked.


ProMark F&I Services, LLC
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The need to maximize your profits on every buying customer has never been more important.
F&I profitability is a vital component of this goal.
Your ProMark F&I consultants will concentrate their efforts on:


There are hundreds of cookie-cutter sales programs available on the market.
All are relatively the same and none address the specific challenges you face.
Your ProMark consultant will design a specific program for your dealership that will address:

All of these are accomplished by taking advantage of your current strengths while keeping in mind your individual business philosophies.


You deserve to keep the lion’s share of the profit you develop in the sale of products to your customers.
You also need to consider your retirement, your estate and the legacy you will leave for your family.
Reinsuring F&I products is a powerful tool to accomplish all of this.
With nearly 20 years of extensive experience in dealership reinsurance we can:

  • Provide you an in-depth education on the variety of reinsurance programs available to you along with their respective risks and returns
  • Conduct on-going Risk Management of your reinsurance portfolio allowing you to maximize your income by dissecting the numbers to give you a straight- forward picture of your business
  • Design a reinsurance program for you based on your product mix, your size and your wealth expectations
  • Work with you and your financial advisors to utilize the tax advantages of a dealership reinsurance company to provide for your personal long-term wealth and estate planning needs

Here at Promark, we couple your management team with our agency talent to meet and surpass your income and long-term wealth goals.
We will work side-by-side with you to implement these process and training necessities.


We don’t give legal advice, we educate

We have access to specialized teams

Compliance Management System Development

  • AFIP Certification Development
  • Policy Deployment & Verification
  • Paperless, web-based means of deploying Dealership’s policy documents
    • Accessed through Dealership-branded web portal
  • Policy Templates
  • Employee Handbook
    • F&I Policy
    • Sales Policy
    • Safeguards Rule Policy (Information Security Program)
    • Red Flags Rule Policy (Identity Theft Prevention Program)
  • Online Compliance Training
  • Dealership-branded compliance portal
    • Covers the laws and regulations that most impact dealership operations
  • Online Product Knowledge Training
  • GAP basics
    • Vehicle Service Contracts basics (5 modules)
    • Dealership-Specific Product Knowledge
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Training
  • Hazmat for Hazwaste
  • Lift Safety
  • Hazard Communication
    • Emergency Response
    • Fire Prevention
    • Bloodborne Pathogen
    • Environmental, Health & Safety Site-Specific Policy Development

Product Selection is an important step in the development of a profitable and customer focused F&I operation. Offering the best mix for your brand, your market, and your culture is the key to maximizing your profits. The quality of those products offered to your customers is also an important consideration for the efficiency and health of your F&I office. Against some common perceptions, at ProMark we believe in the idea that there is limited shelf space available in your business office. Offering too many products can be overwhelming and confusing to your customers. The addition of products beyond this available shelf space can cause the cannibalism of other products leaving you with the same or even reduced overall product penetrations.

At this point of counterproductive product density, you create more administrative costs for your business office and general office staff with no increase in profits. One of the many advantages of partnering with ProMark is that we will help you choose the products that are best for your dealership. Our ability to contract with the strongest and most innovative F&I product administration companies in the industry allows us to offer a full array of solutions while keeping an eye on new products as they enter the market. We fully vet our suppliers to assure they have the financial strength, track record and customer focus we demand. Among our current offerings are:

  • Service Contracts
  • Limited Warranties 3/3, 6/6, 12/12, etc.
  • Lifetime Engine Warranties
  • Lifetime Powertrain Warranties
  • GAP Coverage (Guaranteed Asset Protection)
  • Commercial GAP Coverage
  • Buy Here Pay Here GAP
  • Service Drive Sales Programs
  • Theft Deterrent: Etch and Body Labeling Programs
  • Vehicle Theft Replacement Policies
  • Simoniz Paint and Fabric Protection
  • Lease Excess Wear and Tear Protection
  • Tire and Wheel Coverage including Curb and Cosmetic Damage
  • Windshield Protection
  • Dent, Ding, Rip, Tear and Burn Coverage
  • Biweekly Payment Programs
  • Roadside Assistance Programs
  • Key Coverage
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Combination Product Contracts
  • Trademarked, Compliant Desking Tools
  • MyStar Dealer-Branded Customer Concierge Services
  • Dealer-Controlled Prepaid Maintenance Programs
  • Customer Loyalty/Rewards Programs
  • Dealership Branding of F&I Products
  • Zero % Financing for all F&I Products
  • Web-based F&I Menu Platforms
  • Web-based F&I Tracking and Reporting
  • Reinsurance & Retrospective Programs for nearly All F&I Products
    • Controlled Foreign Corporations/ PORC’s or ARC’s
    • Non-controlled Foreign Corporations/ Exotics
    • Administrator Obligor or Dealer Obligor
    • Premium Loans Available to Finance Inventory, Improvements and Acquisitions

Day 1:  Meet with the Service Manager/Owner/GM/GSM to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the existing procedures in place. This addresses any known or unknown conflict between departments. Creating and understanding of how one department affects another is a valuable tool in establishing a productive service culture from which to build.

Day 2-3:  Observation of the daily operations of the Service Department and the roles of each person in that department. The following questions are just some of those asked during this observation while working with the Service Manager. A fresh set of eyes, an alternate approach and new ideas are extremely effective in aiding the Service Manager in his improvement efforts.  

1. What is this department producing in regards to its capability?
2. Are personnel satisfactory in quantity and quality for the current business and future goals?
3. How many hours per RO are the Service Advisors selling/capable of selling?
4. What kind of specials, bundle packages, discounts (and who authorizes) are implemented and are they demographically efficient?
5. Advertising?
6. Where are the CSI scores as of today?  
7. Is re-training needed for the Service Advisors?  Updates to sales techniques are imperative in an ever-changing market. What served them well 5 or 10 years ago may not be in their best interest now.
8. How are customers moved through the process/kept updated throughout the appointment?
9. How are the customers introduced to the service department?
10. How are the RO’s dispatched to the techs?
11. What skill sets are used for what jobs?
12. Once these questions and others have been answered through observations and working with the Service Manager, a meeting with the Service Manager, GM and Dealer is set up to go over the findings and gain any added clarification that may be necessary.
13. A formal recommendation list is drawn up within a day or two. Every dealership requires a customized plan and customized processes. Many factors must be taken into consideration to make these final recommendations.
14. The Service Manager can expect a 1-2 month turn around period from the point of final recommendations until all new procedures and policies become the routine and in turn generate a more profitable and efficient Service department.
15. ProMark F&I Services maintains a presence in dealership long after the initial assessment is made. This allows for the follow up on process put in place, adjustments where needed and the improvements to be tracked.